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A WOW Guide for World of Warcraft Beginners

World of Warcraft is a very old and famous MMORPG game. It is old, but there are still many new players joining to play this game. So for those beginners, we have a guide for you which can help you play at the very beginning.

Start to Play
Starting out in World of Warcraft doesn't have to be daunting. Everyone starts off in a large world with little more than the scraps of clothing on your back and a few copper. But once you get your bearings this will pass and you will look like a native Azerothian in no time.

Accept all the quests or just some of them
Quest givers will usually have a yellow exclamation mark to denote they have a quest available. When all surrounding NPC have floating silver marks above them go on to questing. Some quest givers will have floating silver exclamation mark; pass them for now as this almost always means they have a quest it's just you are barely out of level range to do it. Keep that in mind especially in later levels to revisit and not miss said quest. If you can not finish the quest, you can choose to buy wow power leveling service which can help you.

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Return to questing hubs when bags are full
Try to keep the Traveller's Backpack filled with needed quest items and supplies. Let the other bag slots be for sell able items preferably dropped equipmentover junk items like dropped feathers, dead animal spoils, ect. Having a mod like auctioneer showing how much things vendor for will make choosing between keeping that staff or stack of meat to sell later.

Sell useless items
Many times along your questing, you will acquire grey or white named items. These items are best to sell. Do not bother in placing them on the Auction House as the selling fees to post as well as the Auction House cut if it sells makes the return meagre.