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Rapid way to level up to 80 or 90 in wow you can not miss

Some players try their best to level up ,they are make progress step by step .While others find some rapid ways to level up.I admire them who can find some fast ways because they can save time.

In my opinion, there are a few things you can do to speed up levelling. One of them is use wow power leveling to level up to 80-90.You can also use other ways. For starters I would avoid dungeons. Dungeons place your levelling speed at the control of others.


use wow power leveling to level up to 80-90

If you just want to level as fast as possible, move on to the next zone once you are in level range to be able to pickup quests there. Make sure you have all the quests from a hub, and try to do things in circuits, that is to say look at your quest list and the map and as much as possible avoid backtracking.

You can also pickup some speed by not reading quest text and by looting only after several grouped kills. If you don't have a banking toon, make one. Vendor all your trash and send your banker everything else. This will negate the need to go into town. Only go into town to train new riding skills. You don't need anything from the AH. You don't need potions or glyphs or any gear you won't get as a quest reward or loot. You really don't.

Make sure you log out in an Inn whenever possible. Every little bit of rested xp will help. When you sit down to level, keep your concentration on the game. Avoid grouping and those quests which still require groups. Every race has a zone levelling path. Follow it religiously. Do not jump around the world, just move on to the next logical zone. Do not wait till 60 to go to Outland, 58 is fine. Same for Northrend go at 68. You will be fine in Hyjal/Vash'jir at 78, but I would definitely get to 85 before going to the Jade Forest.