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A World of Warcraft Hacker Stole Millions of Gold in Game

There is a latest news, a hacker, by exploiting the Web and mobile applications for the game's Auction House, malefactors have stolen millions of gold pieces, but players who use two-step authentication are relatively safe.

The issue came to light on June 22, when a user named "Abidah" realized that almost 200,000 gold pieces had disappeared from his account for three unauthorized purchases in the game's Auction House. He posted his plight on the Blizzard forums, where other users shared similar experiences. Blizzard investigated, and discovered that while "World of Warcraft" itself had not been compromised, its Web and mobile Auction House apps had. On June 23, Blizzard acknowledged the hack.

In order to steal gold, the hackers put common, almost worthless items on display at the Auction House. Using players' compromised accounts, they then bought the item for exponentially more than its in-game worth.

The Auction House Web app is now up and running again, but the mobile app remains offline. "At this time we have no reason to believe that accounts currently using an authenticator are at risk," wrote Blizzard in its latest forum update.

Even this measure may not protect the Auction House hack victims, though. Abidah was quick to point out that he did use an authenticator, and still lost hundreds of thousands of gold pieces. However, his settings required secondary authentication only once a week instead of for every login.

This has given a lesson to Blizzard but also to all wow players. Make sure to keep your account info safe and keep your computer safe. Do not buy world of warcraft power leveling from those sites who are not very trustworthy.