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Do you take an interest in Mining in WoW

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And today we will introduce you Mining in WoW, which is for getting through the cooper levels the best place is durotor sorry alliance, anyway it may take your an hour to get up to tin level. The barrens are the best place for tin but it will take the longest to get up compaired to other levels . The best place to go is near Ashenvale there are some harpies with a decent spwan rate. There is also fairly much in the south barrensaround the scorpid and Razormane areas.


Mining and here is WoW power leveling

To earn money form tin and copper smelt it and sell it at the Auction house.
- Iron is easy but like most things it take time the best place is Shimmering flats area of 1000 needles danerous for alliance but a great spot.
- Mithril is the best moneymaker Engineering and Blacksmithing need it and it sell great,Gadgetzan is a great place specially in the desert.
- Thorium is hard to find you can find it sometimes in Tanaris. But the best place is winterspring in the specially in the south. You can smelt it but this is not necessary, and sell it at the auction house.

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