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FFXIV Patch 4.2 Will Be Available As Of January 30 For All Users

Naoki Yoshida answered some questions based on Final Fantasy XIV the upcoming patch 4.2. In 2017, FFXIV added the second full expansion, Stormblood, including two new playable characters, the Samurai and the Red Mage, and access to a free trial of the game that would allow players to enjoy all content up to level 35, the community of players peaked at over 10 million worldwide.



Naoki Yoshida said: "In Patch 4.2, we will be implementing a new concept for PvP Teams. This allows players to create a team for PvP and then compete against other teams to raise their team rating to climb through the rankings. This will be available to all users of the game from January 30, and then we leave you with a new gallery of images in which to appreciate more of the news that will include the great update, find more at here


Rise of a New Sun, version 4.2 of Final Fantasy XIV, will be available as of January 30 for all PC users and PlayStation 4. Only a few days left until the content patch 4.2 of Final Fantasy XIV, the 30.01. In addition to the continuation of the story, also brings new dungeons, Raid and Primae fight with it. There is a new emote that you will probably get at the end of the main story missions. 


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