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How Do You Train to Make the Portable Mailbox in "WoW"

Mailboxes are common sights to see in the towns and cities in "World of Warcraft." But venture out into the wild, and the only things that will take your mail are bears, crazed birds and if you're unfortunate enough, mutated fish. That's where a Mobile Oversized Letter and Literary Extractor (MOLL-E) comes in. MOLL-E is a portable mailbox that engineers can learn to make wow gold. However, you won't be able to create a mailbox right away; you first have to level your engineering profession.



Go to one of the major cities in Azeroth, Shattarath in the Outland or Dalaran in Northrend. Click on a guard and click "Professions." Select "Engineering." Follow the directions on your mini-map. You'll arrive at the engineering trainer. Click on the trainer to learn engineering. Do the same to locate the mining trainer.

Level engineering until you reach a skill level of 425. You can level your engineering skill by clicking on the engineering profession in your spellbook and creating learned items. The items you can create will be categorized and listed under "All," such as "Guns" and "Parts." Each item typically requires mining reagents, which you can obtain by mining ore from mineral veins. Only create items highlighted in orange or yellow, as you will rarely receive skill points for items highlighted in green. You will never receive points for items nonhighlighted items.Return to an engineering trainer once you amass 425 points in engineering. Your trainer will teach you to create a MOLL-E.

Acquire eight saronite bars and eight eternal air. You can create saronite bars by mining saronite veins and creating bars from the ore. You can obtain eternal air by killing wind elementals in Northrend. Wind elementals drop crystallized air, and 10 crystallized air make one eternal air.Click your engineering profession button to bring up the list of creatable items. Scroll down to "MOLL-E." Click "Create" when you're at the location where you wish to place the portable mailbox.

Tips :You cannot move the mailbox. You can use the mailbox unlimited times within 10 minutes of creating it. After 10 minutes, the mailbox will disappear and you will be unable to create another one for two hours;As you increase your engineering skill, you will also need to increase your mining skill. If you mouse over a mineral vein and it is highlighted in orange, yellow or green, there's a chance you will receive a skill point. If the vein is gray, it will not provide you with a point.