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How to Be a Successful Jewelcrafter in World of Warcraft

Jewelcrafting is the new profession that helps you make it into the Burning Crusade expansion.Jewelcrafters make rings, necklaces and trinkets that come in handier than you'd think. It's not easy to make money as a jewelcrafter these days, since everyone is doing it. But with a little luck and some clever marketing, you could strike it rich!


Take mining. It's absolutely essential to being a jewelcrafter. Otherwise, jewelcrafting will get very expensive very quickly. You'll find jewels using three different methods: 1) Mining them from the ground, 2) Buying them at the Auction Hall, and 3) Prospecting. Prospecting is a jewelcrafting skill that lets you destroy 5 ore of any kind, and pull some gems out of it. If you are not a miner, prospecting will quickly drain your coin purse.

Try jewelcrafting and mining at the same time. Harvest minerals whenever you can and buy as little ore as possible. A large portion of jewelcrafting designs use bronze. Bronze does not come in ore form; you smelt it with one tin and one copper bar. If you neglect your mining and concentrate solely on jewelcrafting, you'll hit a skill level around 70 and realize you need lots of bronze, but can't smelt it!

Use the stones! Along with ore, miners pull stones out of the ground. The types of stones are: rough, coarse, heavy, solid and dense. Jewelcrafters can use all of these to create small healing statues. These little idols provide a quick healing solution for both non-healers (Warriors, Rogues, Warlocks, Mages) and healers who have run out of mana.Sell those trinkets. One of the primary reasons people are taking jewelcrafting at the moment is the trinkets. They are in high demand, so sell them as soon as you make them.

Consider vendoring some of your early creations. While they may be useful for a low-level toon, the first rings you create may not sell if you put them at auction, simply because there are a ton of jewelcrafters right now, all cranking out the exact same stuff as you are. It may be more efficient to simply vendor the items for now.

Persevere! It may take a while for jewelcrafting to turn a profit, or even to pay for itself. This is to be expected. It is a new profession and so many people are taking it with their new toons, which means there is a lot of competition for AH space. Just remember that it will always provide you with useful equipment, and you may find some business with Guild members as well.