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How to Farm Gold with Fishing in WoW

Every player feels the crunch from time to time. Repair bills, buff food, flasks and potions add up over time. Next thing you know, you reach for a few coins from your pouch, only to realize that you are broke. No money most often equals no fun in the lands of Azeroth. Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about as long as you have your trusty fishing pole and a few lures. In no time, you will make good money. If you have cooking, you can also supply some of your own consumables as well. Saving money is making money.


Empty your backpack and bags. Sell all extraneous items to vendors, and place your valuables in your bank vault.Find the ideal location. Every good fishmonger knows the secret to success is location, location, location. From Dalaran, speak to the Flight Master at Krasus’s Landing and select your faction’s location within Wintergrasp.Head to the bridge in the middle of the zone. If you have trouble locating the bridge, head south on the road from the keep and you will ride right over it. Drop off the side of the bridge and hide under one of the ends of the bridge, in order to avoid as much PvP as possible.

Press "B" and open your inventory. Locate your fishing pole and right-click the icon to equip it. Find your lures and attach one to your fishing pole. Click the fishing icon from your Spellbook. All three fish used for the Fish Feast, Musselback Sculpin, Nettlefish and Glacial Salmon, are caught from this location. This is important because the players who dare take on the most dangerous dungeons in WoW will use Fish Feasts as buff food.Fill your inventory with the three desired fish.

Hearth back to Dalaran and take one of the portals to your capitol city of choice. Once there, locate the Auction House. Search for each of the three fish, noting the bid and buyout price for a stack (a group of 20) of each.Post auctions of the stacks of fish in your inventory, undercutting the current lowest stack price. The searches are very important as the prices on the auction house fluctuate from day to day, and you do not want to price yourself out of competition--nor do you want to cheat yourself out of money.Wait for someone to buy your auctions and collect the wow money from the mailbox.