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How to farming WOW gold yourself to save money

Higher-level items on "World of Warcraft," such as epic mounts, flying licenses and other special items, require a substantial sum of gold. Dungeons and quests offer a lot of gold, but if you want to farm gold, you must know the farming areas and how to play the Auction House. The techniques for farming include using available "World of Warcraft" databases, which allow you to look up items on a map to find out where to farm. Once you gather a significant amount of trade goods, you use the Auction House to build up your gold.


Gathering Professions
Professions like herbalism and mining offer you two ways to make gold in World of Warcraft. At low levels and high levels, herbs are worth a lot of gold on the Auction House as other players with professions like alchemy need herbs to make new potions and elixirs. In the same way, mining is the second gathering option that allows you to make gold on the auction house as jewelcrafting professions need ore to make new items. Players often pair a gathering profession with a skill profession, such as herbalism with alchemy or mining with jewelcrafting. However, if you only want to make gold with a character, set up one alt with only gathering professions, then sell the herbs and ore on the Auction House.

Killing Mobs
Traditionally, farming an area meant killing mobs that drop good items in order to collect gold. Most players have specific farming areas that they frequent or they run lower-level dungeons that drop a specific item. For example, Zul'Farrak is a dungeon in Tanaris that drops a large amount of mageweave cloth. A Level 55 character easily goes through Zul'Farrak, killing all the lower-level mobs and collecting the mageweave cloth, which he then sells on the Auction House for gold. As a low-level working with copper, you can kill lower-level creatures like owls in Darnassus or dragonhawks in Eversong Woods for small eggs, then sell on the Auction House for players who want to increase cooking skills.

Farming Areas
The best way to learn farming areas is to join a guild on your server and talk to the members about where to find certain items. Plenty of information is available on websites such as WoWHead and Blizzard Guides for the best places to farm. These areas are also called "grinding spots." The best farming areas depend on what you need to farm. If you have the herb gathering profession and want to farm higher-level herbs like Azshara's Veil, which sells for 70 to 100 gold per stack of 20 on high-population servers, go to Tol Barad Peninsula to farm. By looking on the Auction House, you can find items that you need to gather and search the item's name on "World of Warcraft" databases to find the best farming areas.

Auction House

The Auction House is the key to making gold in "World of Warcraft." Auctioneers operate the Auction Houses, which reside in several cities, such as Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Undercity, Darnassus or Silvermoon City, and they allow players to trade items for gold. While you do make money from drops and grinding mobs in certain areas, the Auction House allows you to put up low-cost items and sell for double to triple the amount of worth.

The key to playing the Auction House is knowing what people want to buy and how to price those items to sell. One technique is to go to the Auctioneer in a city, right-click to open the "Browse Auctions" window, then click "Trade Goods." Click a tab such as "Herb," then click "Search" in the top right. Sort by highest current bid to find out what item sells for the highest amount of gold. Once you know the name of the item, search on WoWHead to find out where the item drops or spawns.

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