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How to Make 300 Gold an Hour on WoW

Farming gold is one of the most time-consuming and often annoying tasks in "World of Warcraft." Serious raiders and casual players alike need gold to purchase skills, spells, crafting materials and item enhancements. There are many options available to you if your goal is making at least 300 gold per hour, but which works best depends on your play style.


Head to an area like Deepholm or Twilight Highlands and use your mining skill to farm Elementium. This ore can then be sold at the auction house for about 100g per stack, depending on your realm's market. You need mining 475 to tap Elementium.

Play the Auction House. Look for items that are underpriced, purchase them and relist them at a higher price. You can also buy all of a particular item and gouge the price when you re-post it. Be warned that playing the Auction House can make you thousands of gold in a short period of time but requires a strong understanding of items and your realms market.

Sell your services to low-level players who need dungeon runs. If you are well geared and already level capped, you can make well over 300g per hour by charging around 20g per run. Look at your realm's Trade Chat to spot opportunities for paid runs.

Solo high-level instances. If you can complete a high-level instance by yourself, you can disenchant and vendor all of the items that you collect while you are inside. Exact hourly results on this depend heavily on the instance, your level, your gear and your class.

Level a crafting or enhancement profession and sell your services via Trade Chat. Enchanters, Blacksmiths and Jewelcrafters can make excellent gold off tips and fees for rare recipes.