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How to Make Gold With Enchanting in WoW

Of utmost importance while playing World of Warcraft is maintaining a steady cache of gold. While gold can be made by selling items and completing quests, a primary method of accruing wealth is by putting your chosen professions to work. There are 14 professions in all, one of which is enchanting. Through this particular profession, players can permanently increase the stats of armor, weapons and certain items--a service for which other players pay top dollar.


Gather uncommon, rare or epic items from the different areas of Azeroth, Outland and Northrend. The names of these items come in the colors green, blue and purple (respectively).Disenchant these items to gather materials (dusts, shards, crystals, essences). Take note that higher-level items require you to raise your skill in enchanting before they can be disenchanted.

Combine these materials to create spells that can be cast on armor, weapons and items to permanently boost their stats and raise your skill in enchanting. The materials can also be sold at an auction house in any one of the major cities for profit.Attempt to raise your skill in enchanting as high as possible (450 max, or 460 if you're a blood elf). This will allow you to use the most powerful enchanting skills, which you can then use to garner the most profit.

Learn as many high-level enchantments as possible from trainers and vendors scattered about Azeroth, Outland and Northrend.Continue to gather materials from high-level weapons, armor and items. Keeping your stock of materials high will ensure that you have enough resources to continue enchanting.Choose a high-level enchantment and offer to sell it by pressing "Enter" to bring up the text box and typing in your sales pitch (example: Want to sell Enchant Bracers--Major Spellpower for 50 gold). Once you have a buyer, meet with him to continue the exchange and earn your payment.

Tips & Warnings
Research online to find the average prices of enchantments so you do not accidentally waste your materials for an unfair price (see Resources). If possible, only disenchant items until your skill reaches 60, at which time you can no longer raise your skill by disenchanting. Be on the lookout for the phrase "need enchanter, my mats" in major cities. This means someone needs an enchanter but will provide the materials needed for the enchantment and will often pay you for your time. If you have a Blood Elf character, consider having him learn the enchanting skill. Blood Elves have an increased enchanting skill, which allows them to enchant and disenchant higher level items.

Do not spam your sales pitch (i.e. send it every few seconds). This will anger others and decrease your chances of selling your services. Sending it once every few minutes is acceptable. When making an exchange of an enchantment for gold, wait until the other player has placed the gold into the trade box before enchanting his item. This ensures that he actually has the money to pay you. Some high-level uncommon items sell for more in the auction house than the materials gained from disenchanting them are worth. Check online to compare prices if you are ever unsure.