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Lost Ark: How to start and complete looking for clues quest

This walkthrough will guide you through the Lost Ark story quests "looking for clues".





How to start looking for clues quest?

To start the "looking for clues" quest, players need to speak to two NPCs in the "Stern" zone in the  Ardethein region. First, talk to   Editor-in-Chief Philippe Cayman in the Stern Business District. 



Stern Chronicle

At the quest's beginning, talk to  Max Liberfort in the exact location ( Stern ). He will tell you about Slime's malicious technology and direct the player to the Nobelgate area for further investigation.



Talk to Matilda Gehrig

After talking with Max Liberfort, head to the  Nobelgate area in the  Ardetain region and speak to Mathilde Gehrig in  Nobelgate. She will tell you the water at Nobelgate Oasis was a strange final month and will inquire you to get new measurements to get positive.



Check the water in the Oasis with a pollution detector

Use teleportation to travel to the Oasis located on the northwest side of Nobelgate as marked on the map. Explore the three different locations marked on the map below in the Oasis. These studies will reveal abnormal indicators.



Interrogate a suspicious lab assistant

Now you should expose the suspicious presence and locate the area with the suspicious member with the technical department. Use the Magic Flow Detector near the scattered bones to find its exact location until the pop-up message  "Interrogate Suspicious Technician" appears on the screen.



Search the area around the waterfall

Scan with the Arcane  Flow Detector and follow the suspicious lab assistant north until you reach a waterfall. Use the detector on the waterfall to find the hidden NPC.



Interrogate a suspicious lab assistant

As soon as you find a suspicious member of the technical department at the waterfall, chat with him. At first, he won't say anything. Use the accusation emote to get him to talk, and he will tell you all about his wrongdoings.



Talk to Matilda Gehrig

After interrogating the suspicious laboratory assistant, return to the Nobelgate Lab and talk to Matilda Gehrig about your investigation.



Contact Max Lieberfort

Finally, after talking to Matilda Gehrig, interact with the communicator in the Nobelgate Lab to call Max Lieberfort.



Ask Sasha Krause for cooperation

To complete the quest, head to the Administrative Quarter in the  Stern district in the  Ardetain region. Follow the purple quest marker and interact with Sasha.