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The Benefits of WoW Auction House

The auction house is a simple way to get business done in the wily World of Warcraft (WoW). For those in the know, there are good ways to help your items sell and speed up the buying wow gold process. Read below to learn how to get the most out of the WoW auction house experience.


Locate an auction house. They are located in all faction's major cities, such as Orgimmar and Ironforge. If you are unsure where to find one in a city, ask a guard for directions. In some places, such as Silvermoon City, there may be more than one.Speak to an Auctioneer. There are always several to choose from. Simply right click to bring up a tabbed screen that allows you to search for items.

Sell an item by clicking the sell tab to choose the starting price and length of the auction. Most people prefer 24-hour auctions due to the varying busy times on servers. The more time you give your auction, the more people see your item up for sale.Select a buyout price. This is amount of money another player must spend to purchase the item immediately. This tends to be the most used function of the WoW auction house because many players do not want to wait. This price is slightly more than the starting price because a player pays for the convenience of getting it right away.


Buy an item. To the left of your screen is a menu listing types of items. If you are looking for gear, first choose your armor type, such as cloth. Then select the type of gear you wish, such as headgear. This will bring up a list of all cloth headgear available at the time. To further refine the list, simply limit the level of gear or item quality at the top.