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The guide to Send a Gold Horde to Alliance in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment has millions of monthly dedicated subscribers, as of 2010. Players are asked to pick a side between either Alliance or Horde characters, but the two mortal enemies aren't allowed to transfer goods or gold. Luckily a method exists that will allow you to send gold from a higher level character to a lower level character from the opposite faction that's just starting out. You'll need a friend you can trust to carry out the transaction, but once you do it's perfectly safe to transfer gold.



1.Log on with the Alliance character you'd like to receive the gold. Travel with the character to a neutral Auction House, such as Booty Bay, Everlook or Gadgetzan. Put an item from your inventory up for auction at a price roughly twice the current best "Buy Now" rate; for example, if a stack of "Light Leather" is currently selling for one gold, set your buyout price as two gold.

2.Log on with your Horde character who has the gold you'd like transferred. Send the two gold necessary to the purchase to a trusted friend with a Horde character. Have the friend log on to his Horde character after about an hour and get the gold from a mailbox.

3.Send your friend to a neutral Auction House and have him buy your item; a 15% fee will be imposed on the transaction. Log on to your Alliance character and check your mail for payment in about an hour. Repeat this process as necessary to slowly transfer larger amounts of gold.

There is something u need to look out that Blizzard keeps an eye on outrageous transactions, so keep your buyout prices within reason. If you post a worthless gray item for 100 gold and have someone buy it and send you the money, the transaction may be flagged and your account banned. Using low amounts of gold will take longer, but it's a safe way to transfer money.