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What to do with the rest XP in World of Warcraft

Power level your World of Warcraft character by making the most of one of the game's best features: rest experience. This was included in-game to help casual players keep up with those who play compulsively. It doubles the experience, or xp, you earn from every kill. While it doesn't effect quest experience, rest xp greatly reduces the amount of time you spend leveling from one point to the next.


Log out in an inn or major city. This ensure you log out in a "rested" state, so you earn rest experience at four times the rate. You can tell if you're "rested" by looking at your character's portrait in the upper-left, which will flash yellow.Alternate your Warcraft characters to maximize their rest experience power leveling. Ideally, you want to let each character earn the maximum amount of rest experience before you go back to playing him. It takes 10 hours per rested experience bubble, so alternate your alts every 12 and a half days to get the full advantage.

Pay more attention to rest experience the higher you level. As you move up the levels, your quest experience fills less and less of the experience bar. Therefore, getting double the experience for kills is more important for power leveling.Log out of your character when the experience bar turns purple. This means that your character is no longer power leveling by using rest experience, so more must be accumulated.Use your hearthstone to make resting at an inn or major city easy by binding it to a central area, such as Orgimmar or Stormwind. This item lets you teleport directly back to the inn of your choice.