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Where to safely buy WOW gold

In the massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft, gold is the currency of the realm, and to reach the highest levels, you need a lot of it. You use gold to buy stronger weapons, more powerful armor, level your skills up and learn trade skills, all of which can add up to a hefty sum as you progress toward level 80. You can earn gold through your trade skills, or you can buy it from one of the many gold merchants on the Internet. Although it is not illegal to buy WoW gold online, it is considered a breach of the Terms of Service. If you're discovered, you could face consequences like having the gold removed from your account or even having your account suspended.So how to safety buy WOW gold become the most important thing before u start enjoy your game.



First,Find a seller from whom to purchase WoW gold. There are many sellers on the Internet and sometimes you will see them advertising in-game in the Trade Chat channel,If u want to buy cheaper and fast delivery wow gold ,wow4pl.com will be your best choice.

Then Research the seller you wish to use to see if it is reliable and compare prices. Because it is against the game's TOS to buy and sell gold, there are few repercussions for sellers who don't deliver what they've promised. Search for reviews of different sellers and go with the one who has the best reviews.There are always feedback page on the site u can check on that, or u can try to talk with their online helper to test if there are professional.

If u are still can't make sure whether the seller if safe or not u can make a small inital purchase.in case u spend a lot of money only to find out that the seller has scammed you and has no intention of delivering the gold.Buy the smallest amount it has to offer to gauge how reliable it is. The seller will want to know what server you are on, what faction you play and what your character's name is. The seller may also require an automated phone verification.

At last after u made your small order u can just wait the seller to make delivery.he gold should be delivered to your in-game mailbox. Most gold sellers have a timetable on their website that shows an estimate of how long it takes to deliver gold to each server and faction. If the seller delivers the gold on time, then it is probably safe to make a larger purchase from the site.Hope u have a good experience on buying wow gold , have full with your game !