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World of Warcraft of General Nazgrim

World of Warcraft, the war between Alliance and Horde has been the thematic highlight of Mists of Pandaria. Certainly Pandaria itself has held its share of mysteries, but those mysteries have been repeatedly plundered, the continent's horrors unleashed, all in the name of war. It's a war that's been a long time coming -- tensions between the Alliance and Horde have been slowly rising ever since the wintery days of Northrend, the frozen peaks of Icecrown.

Nazgrim had an innocent enough start in the Horde storyline, simply one of many questgivers up in Northrend. But as the expansions continued to roll out, Nazgrim's role grew substantially, until, at last, he was found fighting for the wrong side, defending Garrosh Hellscream's citadel to his last inevitable breath.

Who was Nazgrim, really? Were there any merits to his choices, given that they ultimately brought about his demise? Was Nazgrim's life, his career, a vain exercise in futility?

Nazgrim hailed from originally is unclear -- as is exactly how long he served in the Horde before being given the title of Sergeant. Judging from sheer timeline necessity, it's likely he was one of the orcs freed by Thrall from the internment camps before the Third War. Nazgrim served dutifully as a grunt in the Horde for years before finally being promoted to Sergeant and relocated to Northrend during the war against the Lich King and his Scourge, which is where players first encounter him.

In Conquest Hold, Nazgrim is well aware of tensions arising between Conqueror Krenna and ... just about everyone else under her service. But he never got in the way, instead quietly directing those that arrived in tasks that dealt not with the Alliance, but with the vrykul threat to the south. When Krenna was ultimately defeated and replace by her sister Gorgonna, Nazgrim continued in his duties just as well. The squabbles didn't matter, as long as the Hold and the Horde within were safe, and completing their duties as directed.

It's where we get our first glimpse of Nazgrim himself, and that glimpse is a surprising one. He's not concerned with the vicious fists of Krenna or her somewhat tyrannical methods of leading Conquest Hold. He's not concerned with Gorgonna and her attempts to quietly cover for her sister's harsh words and harsher orders. What he is concerned with are the vrykul, the threat they pose to Conquest Hold and the Horde, and handling the situation as swiftly as possible -- whether Krenna happened to be paying attention to that particular threat or not.