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World of Warcraft Power leveling Get level 1-100 Guides

So, you wanna level to level 100 as soon as possible in World of Warcraft? Using RAF   you can boost your own characters to level 80 in less than a day. I've used this method for most of my own character. You will need an existing level 90 character to boost your new alts. You can use this method to level without RAF and it still works very well, but having RAF makes it a whole lot quicker.Join a guild if you can for 10% increased XP and if you have Heirloom items, equip them.


Level 1 – 10

Create your characters and form a group. If you are not of the same race, right click on the portrait in the party window and click summon friend to summon him to you. Now For the first 10 levels i don't bother with quests. Just group up and grind without a high level character present yet. Work your way around a starting zone and you should be level 10 in about 30-40 minutes (might take a bit longer, i had 3 Heirlooms + 10% XP from guild bonus). See the video below if you are unsure about anything.


Level 11 – 21: the Deadmines

Use your AOE skills to boost through the Deadmines, a run should take less than 10 minutes and grant you 1 – 3 levels per run. When you have killed the last boss, head back to the southwest part of the ship and click the Goblin Teleporter and choose the Wood and lumber option. Go back outside and reset the instance and head back in again. Remember to get all the quests at the end of the instance when you are high enough level.

After about 5 rounds through you will be level 20, and XP will get slower. Do the instance a couple of more times until you are level 21 though, even though it might be slow. At level 21 you can go to Scarlet Halls, there really isn't anywhere worthwhile to go before that. Just grind out 1 level until level 21, and go to Scarlet Halls and you'll notice leveling will be fast again.


Level 22 – 30: Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery

At level 21, head over to the Scarlet Monastery with your main and summon your other characters there. You will be doing the Scarlet Halls (right side). The instance is much shorter than the deadmines, only takes about 5 minutes to complete. One run should give you around 1 level. For the part in the beginning where you have to push the target to avoid the archers, make sure to not be on autofollow.

At level 23 you can enter Scarlet Monastery (Left side instance). Switch between the two instances as you like, and make sure to do all quests in both. . At level 26 you can get the quests in Scarlet Halls, these 2 quest award you with enough XP for one whole level each, so you'll get 3 levels from one run through. While in SM you will most likely do more than 5 instances in an hour, usually takes 25 minutes to do them 5 times. So remember there's a cap at 5 per hour so if you can't enter you will have to log out for a bit or do something else for a while and come back to it after an hour.


Level 31 – 39: Uldaman

Uldaman is where the fun part of the WoW Power leveling Guides starts. Get ready for some of the best XP in the game. If you think 22 – 30 went fast, just wait for 31-39. Uldaman is one of my favorite old instances. It is fairly long and is packed with groups of mobs, so leveling here is very quick. A run through takes about 10 minutes and get award you with up to 3 levels from just one run.

After 2-3 runs you should be level 35, get all the quests in the start of the instance and the disc quests in the room after the last boss for extra XP. After finishing up all the quests and hitting level 39 it's time to move on.


Level 40 – 48: Zul'Farrak

At level 39 it's time to move on to Zul'Farrak. The XP here is almost as good as in Uldaman. The instance should take 10-15 minutes to run and gives you 1 – 3 levels per run. Be careful during the pyramid event. I usually park my other characters up top and just use my main.Get the quests at the entrance at level 44. Once you are level 48, you can  move on.


Level 49 – 57: Blackrock Spire

After Zul'Farrak you will be heading to Blackrock spire and doing both the upper and lower part. The instance is really long, but one run will get you 2-4 levels so you only have to do it about 3 times before you are level 57. The quests at the entrance are available at level 55. 

To get out quickly. Turn off autofollow, have your main go outside the room where the last boss is and drop down to the bridge outside Highlord Omokk's room and run back to entrance, then summon your other character.


Level 58 – 62: Hellfire Ramparts

At level 57 it's time to move on to the Burning Crusade instances, the XP here is twice as good so don't waste any time anymore in old world instances. Level 57 – 60 will take about 10 minutes in the Hellfire Ramparts.
Hellfire Ramparts is a very quick instance in the Hellfire Peninsula. Pre level 60 you will get 1,5 level here and it only takes about 3-5 minutes to complete. When you get to level 60 you will need a lot more XP to level, but you still get about 50% of a level here so stay here until around level 62. Save all the quests until you are level 60, turning them inn before that is just a waste of XP.


Level  63 – 65: Mana-Tombs

At level 62 you can move on to Mana-Tombs. The experience here is great, and it only takes about 5 minutes to complete. One run gives you almost 1 level.Get the quests at the entrance at level 64.After about 3 – 4 runs you should be level 65 and ready to move on.


Level 66 – 68: Sethekk Halls

Sethekk Halls lies right to the east from the Mana-Tombs, a 1 minute walk away. So head right over there and get to level 68.It is also a short instance. Only thing to look out for is that some mobs in the end will spawn ghost that can attack you but you can't attack them so don't let them come to close to your alts. 2-3 runs should take you to 68 and you will be ready to move on to Wrath of the Lich King Instances.


Level 69-72: Utgarde Keep

You will notice leveling taking longer right about now and especially at level 70. A level still shouldn't take more than 20 – 30 minutes. Utgarde Keep should take you to level 72. The quests at the entrance is available straight away so get them at once. Around 4-5 runs should get you to level 72.


Level 73-76: Drak'Tharon Keep

At level 72 you can head over to the Grizzly Hills and enter Drak'Tharon Keep. The quests here should be available to you when you get here so pick them up. At level 76 you are ready to move on to your last dungeon boosting instance.


Level 76-80: Halls of Stone

This is the last instance you will need to hit up. Not much to say, just grind it out here until you are level 80


Level 80-90

Really depends on what you term casual playing as i guess. It took me just under two weeks, but that was also a sustained session last Saturday evening until 3am (you know, only 10mill to go....only 8mill, may as a well do a couple more quests.....only 7mill and so on).

It will also depend on how you do it as well because all of mine was questing apart from one dungeon run where as if you dungeon run a significant amount it may be little quicker. I am also going a little quicker with my Rogue and i was able to kit him out with some crafted blues to boost his start quite a bit.Just jump in and have fun.


level 90-100

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