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Why is Tera Slayer Worth Playing

Honestly, I don't have too much to convince you on this front. At the time of writing this (Sep. 2015) there's a fairly universal consensus that slayers are at the bottom of the stack when it comes to pvp. We don’t have a block and our defense isn't that great, our damage doesn't quite measure up, and our kit lacks utility compared to, say, wars and sorcs. Don't forget to from U4GM.com to tera gold buy, which is the best choice for tera gold services on the market!



So what keeps me playing it? Let's start with the more objective points. Slayer is a low skill floor, high skill ceiling class, which means that we're easy to get into but have plenty of depth to explore - if you so desire. We're a melee sustained-burst dps (hell of an oxymoron, but it's accurate), with a medium amount of skills on medium length cooldowns (8-20 seconds), and a decent amount of mobility. Personally I feel that slayer pvp is the closest to playing a fighting game like street fighter. That combined with the challenge of reaching the high skill ceiling makes the class extremely fun and engaging for me. In short, slayer is just damn fun. Plus, who doesn't like swinging around a giant sword?



The most unique part of the class to me though, and the part that I want to get across in the first half of this guide is that while we are a combo-based class, there really aren't set, cookie-cutter combos. Most of our skills are multifaceted, and in my opinion what separates the good slayers from the bad is in their understanding of these multiple aspects and how to maximize their use depending on the situation. 


For example, backstab is a skill that provides engagement, iframe, positioning, and a root. A newer slayer may only utilize the engagement aspect, whereas a more seasoned one may choose to hold it, use it to dodge an attack and then use the root in order to secure their own combo. 


As far as my personal teaching philosophy goes, I’m not going to try holding your hand through slayer pvp. I’m just going to do my best to describe all the tools available to you, and hopefully lay them out in a way that lets you experiment and discover your optimal playstyles yourselves. 


Ultimately what you get out of reading this will be directly proportional to what you put in. Many of the techniques described in the pages to follow will require several hours of practice to execute consistently, and many many more before you can put them into practice.