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Final Fantasy XIV: Discover The Forbidden Land Of Eureka Anemos

We told you about it at the beginning of the month in this news, the banned land of Eureka Anemos emerges from the fog on Final Fantasy XIV thanks to the update 4.25 now available.



This mysterious new area, unexplored and still wild where the elements seem constantly unregulated, will offer players new challenges and mechanical combat.


Indeed, adventurers will have to master the elemental forces to obtain and improve powerful new weapons. This update also contains the latest chapter in the adventures of Hildibrand, the famous detective gentleman, as well as the seventh season of PvP at The Feast.


The forbidden land of Eureka Anemos is a vast unexplored area that will change a number of the usual elements of the game:


"Zone" type gameplay: Up to 144 players can occupy the same instance. Players are encouraged to band together to hunt the famous monsters together.


Progression of the character: The adventurers will gain basic experience points that will allow them to handle the elements, but they must remain cautious, because dying in Eureka means losing experience points or even a level for the unwise.


Alternative Combat System: Players will need to modify the element of their attacks with the Magia board to match that of their enemy, which will require more strategy. Players will need to customize the basic attributes of the Magia board before launching the expedition. This choice will be crucial in order to achieve the different objectives.


Rewards: Through their exploration of Eureka players will occasionally gain protean crystals that will allow them to upgrade their Eureka equipment with the help of Gerolt, the famous blacksmith.


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