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Final Fantasy XIV Men Wear Playboy Bunny

The 4.3 update of Square Enix's MMORPG brings a suit for them just like the one they already had for them. Remember to stay tuned at FFXIV4GIL for more FFXIV news, tips, guides and even cheap FFXIV Gil.



Here is one of those measures that for some people can be considered the victory of feminism, and for others only a joke more or less funny. Noaki Yoshida, proud of Final Fantasy XIV, has confirmed and taught that promise he made in a Q & A question round with fans a couple of years ago, to bring to the title some gender equality. Although perhaps what was expected was just the opposite.


The 4.3 update of the Square Enix MMORPG (which is expected for next week, although it is not confirmed) will include sexy Playboy bunnies costumes for the male characters. A skin that leaves a lot of flesh exposed above and below, as the equivalent for them. Here we leave you with the images, which he has presented on Twitter.